DIE HOCHSTAPLER - The Braxtornette Project

Pierre Borel - as
Louis Laurain - tp
Antonio Borghini - db
Hannes Lingens - dr

Die Hochstapler means something like the impostors. In this project, we work on two
great american composers, Anthony Braxton and Ornette Coleman, who both have a
revolutionary vision of music, musicology, philosophy, life; We are using their compositions
and their concepts to create our music; we do not copy them, we steal them, we re-
structurate their ideas according to ours, exploring a labyrinth of notes and thoughts and
improvisation, questioning the music sheets as a flexible material to arrive at our own music.
A recording of this project in four parts has been released as a double CD on Umlaut Records
in 2013.

excerpt 1
excerpt 2

die hochstapler live in berlin, may 2013: