Pierre Borel - alto saxophone
Louis Laurain - trumpet
Antonio Borghini - double bass
Hannes Lingens - drums

This new work of the Italian-French-German quartet "Die Hochstapler" (The Impostors)
is based on questions of language and communication. Refraining from any use of
notation, they use rules and strategies developed out of poetry, card games, alphabets
and other sources of inspiration to form a new grammar for the hochstaplerish discourse.
Four independent voices, free to suggest, pretend, agree, disagree or ignore at any time
of the game, collectively build up a rhetoric full of hints and references, playful and ever
changing. This new project was first presented at Festival Météo/Mulhouse 2014.

Die Hochstapler in Mulhouse, May 2014:

3 chairs
san francisco blues (fragments)

Die Hochstapler in Mulhouse, Festival Météo 2014 © Pierre Chinellato

Next to their remarkable instrumental competence, the four members of "Die Hochstapler"
are also incredible card players. On their long tours they like to indulge in various central
European card games, which they practice in order to improve their reaction and strategy
skills. They even developed a game on their own called "Hochstaplerei", which they pre-
sented at the Umlaut Festival Berlin 2014.

Playing cards for "Hochstaplerei" © Die Hochstapler

Die Hochstapler's previous project "The Braxtornette Project" has been performed at
various festivals and venues in Europe between 2011 and 2014. A recording in four
parts has been released as a double CD on Umlaut Records to much critical acclaim.
More info, music, videos and reviews here .

Die Hochstapler - "The Braxtornette Project" (2CD, Umlaut Records 2013)