"The drum set as variable sculptural sound object"

In December 2020 and January 2021 I had the opportunity to conduct some research about
the relationship between the drums, the player and the space thanks to a "Take Care Residence"
by Fonds Darstellender Künste and WUK Theater Quartier.

My research had two phases:

1. the exploration of the space inside the instruments
2. the relationship of the instrument and the player in a given space

In phase 1, I experimented with microphone positions to enhance specific sound qualities
inherent in selected percussion instruments. I made various recordings, some of which might
lead to releases in the future.
In phase 2, I was able to use the WUK theatre in order to work on my own relationship with the
space as a performer, research the sculptural qualities of my instruments and how I can make
use of the space both in a performative and in a sound/music related way.

In the end of my my stay at WUK Theater Quartier, I combined the two ideas and invited the
Berlin based musician and sound recordist Adam Asnan for a collaborative acoustic exploration
of the space and me and my instruments in the space.