konzert minimal

Johnny Chang - viola
Koen Nutters - double bass
Lucio Capece - bass clarinet
Hannes Lingens - accordion

KONZERT MINIMAL focuses on the music of the Wandelweiser collective and composers
who share similar aesthetics and interests in the organisation of sound and silence as
well as extending beyond conventional confinements and traditional hierarchy.
As an ensemble of Berlin-based musicians, Konzert Minimal draws upon diverse yet focused
collective experiences of its members, who come from various backgrounds of music; modern
classical music, experimental and improvised music, sound art, conceptual performance and
Konzert Minimal was initiated by Johnny Chang and Koen Nutters in November 2010, and the
ensemble has appeared in venues and festivals in Berlin (Labor Sonor, NK, Ausland) and Sonic
Acts Festival in Amsterdam (February 2012).
A key aspect of Konzert Minimal is ongoing co-operation and research with composers in the
recreation of new works, with ongoing collaborations alongside composers such as Peter Ablinger,
Antoine Beuger, Radu Malfatti, Michael Pisaro and Manfred Werder.