Pierre Borel - alto saxophone, bird calls, cymbals
Louis Laurain - trumpet, bird calls, vocals
Antonio Borghini - double bass
Hannes Lingens - drums, vibraphone

The fourth and fifth album of Die Hochstapler (The Impostors) come as a package: Recorded within their
February 2022 residency at the now legendary Berlin venue „Au Topsi Pohl“, the band delivers the meal
including the recipe. „Beauty Lies“ is comprised of (almost) all the composed and collectively developed
material that the quartet uses to cook up the two course menu on „Within“. While the latter documents the
music as played live in front of an intimate enthusiastic audience, the first shows the same band in the
same room in the afternoon, without audience and almost without any improvisation. Dryly cataloging their
compositions, they unveil the ingredients of the night to come.

The quartet draws inspiration from the whole rich tradition of Jazz, Improvised Music and oral culture.
Live in concert, their abandonment of notation and use of game structures, alphabets and morse code
allow them to reach a high degree of complexity, jumping from one piece to another or keeping several
going at the same time and composing in real time, all the while maintaining a joyful, playing cards like

Recorded at Au Topsi Pohl, Berlin, February 14th-17th, 2022
Recording, Mix and Master: Alexis Baskind
Artwork and Design: Joel Grip

2 separate CDs
Umlaut Records 2022