musaeum clausum

Louis Laurain - trumpet
Sébastien Beliah - double bass
Hannes Lingens - drums

Musaeum Clausum (Sealed Museum), also known as Bibliotheca abscondita, is a tract written by Sir Thomas Browne
first published posthumously in 1684. The book contains short descriptions of supposed, rumoured or lost books,
pictures, and objects. The subtitle describes the book as an inventory of remarkable books, antiquities, pictures
and rarities of several kinds, scarce or never seen by any man now living.

The music of Musæum Clausum is a constant flow with small variations of speed and intensity without beginning or end.
In this music each player is drawing freely and independently a path in the development of his ideas and then reveal the
elements of a general frame that moves slowly and patiently to reach sometimes a high level a complexity.

The French-German trio have released their first album in June 2018 on Umlaut Records.