Hannes Buder - Guitar
Hannes Lingens - Drums & Objects

After working together in various projects for more than seven years, Hannes Buder and Hannes Lingens
started [ro] to explore the intimate and direct exchange of the duo format. The music in this recording has
been extracted from three recording sessions following a week long tour through the Alpine countries in
winter 2012/2013. It is free improvised music based on the mutual understanding of a long term
relationship. Carefully edited and mixed by the musicians in a process of several months, it is now released
as CD on Umlaut Records with a beautiful collage cover by Michal Fuchs.

recorded, edited and mixed in Berlin by Hannes Buder and Hannes Lingens
mastered by Christoph Schlimbach
artwork and design by Michal Fuchs

CD umlaut records 2013