„Nachthund“ marks Hannes Lingens’ second solo release on Umlaut Records after „Pieces for Percussion“
(2018). Like its predecessor, „Nachthund“ favors continuous sounds over percussive accents: „Nacht“ is a
montage of prerecorded layers of mostly rolls and brush sounds while both „Hund“ and „Manatee“ have
been recorded in one take by use of one cymbal each with mallets and bass bow respectively.
Close miking and soft playing techniques are employed throughout the album to explore sounds from
within the body of the instruments.

With input gains high, recordings had to take place at night in order to avoid any outside noise to bleed in.
On “Hund” a barking dog can be heard deep down in the tide of the bowed cymbal, adding a sense of
actual space in a music that - due to its confusing dynamics and lack of rhythmic accentuation - otherwise
offers little orientation.

Recorded and mixed by Hannes Lingens
Mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi
Vinyl cut by Kassian Troyer at D&M
Artwork by Dafna Englander
Design by Michal Fuchs

Limited edition of 200 LPs
CD with bonus track inside
Umlaut Records 2022